Get started

1. Invite

To start using the bot on your server, click the link below to invite it!

Invite bot

2. Permissions

Make sure the bot has all required permissions. The required permissions are; joining voice channels and reading and sending messages. The bot will only listen for commands in channels that it can send messages in.

For interactive controls media controls; adding and removing reactions, reading message history and managing messages are also required.

3. Playing music

Play a song by typing %play <Search term / URL> in a text channel where the bot is able to send messages. Pausing can be done with %pause and to skip songs type %skip <Number of songs to skip>

Type %play to playa song
Playing a song

4. Finishing playing

When your are done listening, type %stop and the music will stop and the bot will leave to voice channel.

5. Info and controls

Info about the current song can be found by typing %info. This will show basic info such as song name, artist ang length.

If the bot has permissions, reactions will show up under the message which the user can press to rewind, pause and skip songs

Info popup with media controls
Info popup with media controls

More commands

Here is a complete list of all commands